What is Pixelam Studios?

"Pixelam Studios is a platform for me to express my creativity and bring ideas to life. Art and life are intertwined; both an ongoing journey to learn and improve. It is a dream come true working with my passion and having passion for my work."


  • What is the best way to display a PIXELAM art peice?

I recommend using double sided 3m tape. The command strips are great because they are sturdy and do not damage the wall. If you want to display on a desk/table, I suggest purchasing a stand on the product page or picking up an easel at most stores.

  • How are the PIXELAM pieces made?

Each piece is individually handmade on 2 layers of acrylic. From the cutting, painting, design and assembly, every phase is done in house; it truly is special and unique.

  • How strong are the PIXELAM art pieces?

Acrylic is a strong, light and durable material. Made to be shatter resistant but like most art pieces, just be careful with them.

  • How do I clean them?

Just a soft cloth! If you have an aerosol can/duster, those work amazingly well! 


2024 Schedule coming soon!